If you haven’t heard yet, we have a new chiro team member, Dr Julia Tsavasilis! We’re so excited to have such a brilliant practitioner on board whose values align with ours – she provides quality care with a strong patient-focus and integrity and places great value in being up-to-date with current knowledge. On top of that, she’s also an all-round lovely person! So that you can get to know her a little too, we have asked Julia to respond to a few ‘Get to know you’ topics below.

Why Chiropractic?

My passion for chiropractic began when I was younger, and my mum suffered from severe debilitating lower backpain. I witnessed the positive impact that chiropractic had on her, which led to my desire to help others who had pain and provide them with a positive pathway to a healthier life.

Chiropractic Board..

When I’m not treating patients at Spine Sport Feet, I have also been elected to serve as a Board of Director for the Australian Chiropractic Association. Through serving in this role, I wish to help the chiropractic profession to continue and thrive in Australia. As the youngest on the Board at this point, I am very grateful for the opportunity to grow the profession.

Why Spine Sport Feet?

I was drawn to Spine Sport Feet for their reputation for integrity and professionalism in the community. I would like to continue the great outcomes achieved from the practitioners in the clinic and help grow the passion for great health in the Gold Coast and Brisbane communities.

What she likes to do..

My work encompasses many different treatment avenues, but I have a few passions within my choice of practice. I find that I have had great results when working with patients’ posture/postural related complaints and hip injuries. My treatment style is to bring it down to the core issue and rebuild with the restored and correct way of movement creating a happy and healthy patient.

Postural issues?

Hands up if you feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame – rounded shoulders, feeling stiff in between the shoulder blades and always trying to stretch out to get a better position. Work and homelife can be stressful (especially currently!), and sitting in front of a computer for hours can have long term effects on your health and posture. If this sounds familiar, we have a great program with movement strategies and exercises to work through with you, while also providing gentle treatment to help you regain your straight and confident posture.