After a career spanning the past 15 years Michael Shelley, one of Australia’s greatest long distance athletes of recent times, has announced his retirement.

As proud sponsors of Michael, we have been privileged to witness his career from very early stages as he developed from a middle distance runner into a marathon runner.

We have been inspired as we watched him train relentlessly and come back from injuries suffered early in his career through his sheer grit and determination. To then watch him on TV as he won his first silver medal in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi was beyond exciting.

To add to this remarkable achievement, Michael went on to win his first gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, followed by an impressive performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. And we could not have been more proud to cheer him on as he won his second gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. 

In addition to his remarkable achievements, Michael is a genuinely kind, humble and giving person. True to his nature, Michael has expressed that his greatest desire now is to give back to the community by promoting health and exercise.  We wish him all the very best and hope to be there beside him as he moves into this next endeavour.