Thousands of athletes from around the world have arrived to participate in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Did you know that many athletes and sporting professionals incorporate chiropractic care into their overall health regimen?

With the Australian love of sport, we regularly come across sporting-related ailments and provide care to patients who participate in sport. We are proud sponsors of several elite athletes, including Commonwealth gold-medalist Michael Shelley, who we will be cheering on in the upcoming marathon.

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) has long been committed to sport, having sponsored several elite athletes in the past, such as Olympic gold-medal winner Matthew Mitcham and champion swimmer Ellen Fullerton.

Many of today’s athletes utilise a sports chiropractor to prevent injury and to improve biomechanical and neuromuscular function with the ultimate goal of enhancing performance.

Chiropractors provide care in management, rehabilitation and performance optimisation. Whether you are a backyard beginner or a pin-up professional, we here to help keep you moving at your best.

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