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shutterstock_686066488-kids-playing-soccer (1)

Ankle injuries – what young soccer players need to know

Ankle sprains are a common injury in young soccer players and can cause significant disruption to a season.  Unfortunately a number of patients who experience …

shutterstock-kids-playing-sport-365725082 (1)

Calcaneal apophysitis (Sever’s syndrome)

By Peter Foley (Registered Podiatrist) It is not uncommon for enthusiastic athletes in late primary school and early high school to experience significant pain in …


Chiropractors Supporting the Sporting Spine

Thousands of athletes from around the world have arrived to participate in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Did you know that many athletes and …

The-Weight-Loss-Equation (1)

The Weight Loss Equation

The Weight Loss Equation – Energy In vs Energy Out One of the most common and difficult health issues for many people is losing weight.  …

Back pain

Chronic Pain: Is it Body or Brain?

Chronic pain is a significant problem in Australia and the western world.  If you have ever suffered chronic pain, you will know the debilitating effect …

Back pain

5 Tips Chiropractic Patients Can Use When Choosing The Perfect Pillow

Neck pain is nobody’s friend, and it is definitely not an ideal sleeping companion. Pain-filled nights can leave a person dull, groggy, and not ready to …

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